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Super Producer

Feb 28, 2022

We start off looking at some statements that Dave Portnoy and Erika Nardini made about creating content. Then we take a look at how a porn star and an NBA player may be involved in NFT scams. 


(0:00 -2:56) Intro

(2:56-9:10) Barstool production decisions vs a new creator’s production decisions

(9:10-14:19) All you need is a phone to get started

(14:24-18:12)  Lana Rhoades NFT failure

(18:12-22:20) De’Aaron Fox NFT failure

(22:20-24:57) Pixelmon NFT “Art”

(24:57-26:38) Invisible Friends Crazy Mint

(26:38-29:34) Dippies Preview

(29:34-31:30)  WonderPals Mint

(31:30-37:23) Bitcoin update using Fibonacci tool

(37:23-38:17) Wrap up